Winter Safety Package

Conquer Winter With A Free Winter Safety Package From Progressive Ford

Winter is coming, so prepare yourself and your vehicle with a winter safety package from Progressive Ford in Wallaceburg ON. This fantastic all-in-one package gives you everything you need to stay safe this winter for one great price. When you choose a Winter Safety Package for your car, truck, or SUV, you receive:

  • Winter Tires; for improved traction and confidence in cold and snow. Plus, many insurance companies offer up to 5% off your premium if you install a full set of winter rubber. Make sure to check out Progressive Ford’s Winter Tire Guide.
  • Tire Pressure Sensors; cold causes air to become more dense, robbing your tires of the vital air they need to remain properly inflated. Now you can know the moment the pressure in your tires gets too low!
  • Dedicated Steel Rims; not only do a second set of rims protect your original wheels from the slush and salt of winter roads, but you will also save on installation costs when changing your tires.
  • So ensure your Ford still performs to its maximum potential, even in the winter months, by purchasing the Winter Safety Package for your car, truck, or SUV from Progressive Ford

What the Winter Safety Package Does For You

Winter tires aren’t just better in the snow, they also work better in cold temperatures. When the thermometer dips below -7°C all-season tires begin to lose their road-holding ability, even on dry pavement.

Winter tires however, are specifically made to endure the cold. So even on dry pavement, when temperatures drop below -7°C a set of winter tires will stop and steer better than their all-season counterparts.

And as an added bonus, purchasing a set of winter tires will effectively double the lifespan of both tire sets (provided you use them only in their recommended season, of course!).